BZEE Academy GmbH

As a pioneer in wind energy training, the BZEE association founded the BZEE Academy GmbH (BZEE) in 2000. Its aim was to fill the qualification gaps within the wind energy sector. Thus, the BZEE industry initiative was launched. Through the BZEE network, BZEE offers a range of skills-focussed training programmes worldwide.

The BZEE network is active at 29 locations worldwide where they offer wind energy-specific qualifications. So far, we have trained over 3,200 highly qualified wind energy plant service technicians, more than 1,000 skilled workers from the companies took part in BZEE height safety and rescue training, which is continuously brought in line with the latest requirements. All necessary wind-specific skills are taught comprehensively through practical training and continuous dialogue with BZEE stakeholders.


We provide the wind industry with the best trained professionals for the production, installation, commissioning as well as service and maintenance of wind turbines. As a reliable partner of the industry, we thus make an important contribution to the energy transition.


We aim to build a global network of training centres that can provide the wind industry in all relevant markets with the urgently needed professionals. Our goal is to offer optimal training solutions for all technical qualification requirements at the highest methodological and didactical level.


The BZEE management system is certified by Det Norske Veritas in accordance with ISO 29990 as a ‘learning service provider’.
The certification encompasses all training activities at BZEE’s own locations, as well as the auditing processes at all of our national and international partners.

As GWO aligned partner all our BZEE training modules more than satisfy the minimum requirements of GWO.


“BZEE helps us bridge the gap between the demands of the industry and the training content of educational facilities. The technologies are under permanent development and therefore bring new innovations as well as challenges to the field. We deal with current requirements as regards technical personnel and continuously modernise all training content to ensure that all the facilities in our network provide an equally high level of training that corresponds to the latest developments.”
Christian WeferManaging director & founder
“A bewildering range of further training for the wind industry exists on the market. Courses are often aligned with the economic interests of the organizer and content is impractical and of little use. In contrast, BZEE courses are the only ones on the market where learning objectives have been defined by the leading wind turbine manufacturers and have been implemented as specific training through the cooperation of experts from the training departments. And this is something we have been successfully doing for over 15 years.”
Uwe GeilingSenior Consultant & Auditor
“In order to be able to offer reliable and solid training content, training facilities for wind energy service personnel need to remain constantly informed and be ready to adapt in line with changes in the market. We assume this task for our licensed partners and always keep an eye on the latest technology so that we can incorporate it into our training modules. This lets our network partners remain focussed on the most important aspect: communicating training content in a practical and realistic manner.”
Warren AspinallBusiness Development & Customer Relations


We work with professional associations and wind interest groups around the world and always have our finger on the pulse.
This means that our training modules are constantly kept up-to-date and our licensed partners are always using state-of-the-art technology.