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    BZEE Academy is "Aligned Partner" of GWO and accredited network-certification-Partner by DNV.GL.
    For more informations see www.globalwindsafety.org



About us

BZEE, the pioneer of wind energy training, was born out of an industry initiative in 2000 to close the skills gap facing the German wind industry. Today BZEE’s portfolio comprises a comprehensive competency-driven training programme for key assignments in the international wind energy sector.

The BZEE Global Training Partnership delivers wind energy skills at 29 locations worldwide and boasts a track record of over 2600 highly qualified wind energy technicians. Currently approx. 1000 skilled company staff per year undergo working-at-heights and rescue training focused on the specific environment of wind turbines. BZEE’s commitment to Real Turbine Learning together with continuous alignment to stakeholder needs provide the skills needed to drive wind power. 


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