Train the Trainer

The BZEE Train-the-Trainer programme is modular and takes into account the relevant international markets and wind-specific training needs.

All future trainers will receive training materials that are designed from the perspective of the trainers. These contain a representation of learning outcomes and the design of training sequences.

The trainers will also receive all the equipment specifications for the construction of wind-specific training workshops.

This will also enable trainers to be put into service in internationally recognised training centres and the highly specialised training content will be able to be taught to the course participants. The BZEE Train-the-Trainer programme trains instructors on how to competently convey content.

Module structure

  • Wind-specific professional deployment
  • Learning outcome – knowledge
  • Learning outcome – skills
  • Course duration
  • Monitoring learning success
  • Participant requirements
  • Number of participants
  • Number of trainers
  • Certificate validity
  • Requirements for trainers
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